MALA FAMA estudios

is a meeting point of new and independent ways of making art from different approaches, joining the creativity process and the communication.
It is a project originally designed as a home for studios, but not only. We want Mala Fama to be something else, a space for sharing experiences among all the different cultural agents with the aim to broader the sense of creation, exhibition and promotion the vibrant art scene developing nowadays from Madrid.
Our goal is to offer a singular, participative and functional space that favors the communication between artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, art critics, and of course society.
The main focus of the studio is to offer a new space that favors this communication and the realization of events related to the creation and artistic innovation from a participative and functional bet.


 Opening party MALA FAMA estudios, Madrid, October 2017


 Video-invitation Opening party MALA FAMA estudios 


ABC press, Inside MALA FAMA estudios


Carajillo Visit, Video-invitation, 2017