(Cádiz, 1979)

An essential character of his work that has not changed is the constant and persistent exploration of the space phenomena. The images also arise without human figures. He currently researches on internal and symbolic elements in art of all ages. The absence of gravity, timelessness and the rescued object.
Graduated From BFA Painting and Design, University of Fine Arts in Seville (2007); followed by MFA Art, Idea and Production, University of Fine Arts, Seville (2012). Last Year 2013, Botubol was working in several artist residencies of New York: Residency Unlimited (RU) Brooklyn; international studio & curatorial program (iscp), Brooklyn, New York. Flux Factory Long Island City, New York. Actually lives and works in Madrid.


Génesis, 2016 | oil on canvas, 146 x 146 cms