(El Salvador, 1972)

A self-taught artist, Rafael Díaz is a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Evangelical University of El Salvador. He developed his early art work under the eye of renowned Salvadoran painter César Menéndez, and for a while combined the honing of his plastic art skills at the artist’s workshop with his training in the medical field and the practice of medicine. Not coincidentally, his work as a doctor has a powerful influence on his artistic output, where human struggle in the face of disease and death is a recurring theme. Based in Spain since 2003, he has turned to photography as a medium to convey his critical view of the social issues he is in constant contact with as a medical practitioner, and to do so with a distinct artistic voice.

www.rafael-diaz.com / rafaeldiaz72@gmail.com


Refugio, 2017 | natural fibers, wood and methacrylate, 7 x 7 x 10 cms